Instituto Cumbres Toluca belongs to the Semper Altius network. Our schools have worked on the integral formation of students for more than 60 years in 19 countries around the world; being Mexico, the host of 92 schools in this network. 

Aware of the importance of meeting the global standards of high quality education, our school holds the AdvancED accreditation, which ensures the quality of our curriculums, classes and technology as well as the involvement of students, teachers, staff and parents in all the processes. 

Cumbres Toluca has been training students since 2000. According to our mission, we develop in our students the core pillars that sustain the formation of leaders: Human formation by reinforcing habits and positive attitudes; Spiritual formation which motivates a close relationship with God through the Sacraments; Intellectual formation by providing students with strategies to become long-life independent learners; and Apostolic formation which makes students realize the importance of a positive impact in society. The four pillars can be summarized in our maxim: 

“Education to face the world and formation to change it”